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Other Flash samples
Display a slideshow (gallery) of images for special projects
Headers or other special content
Adds fluid movement to website
Display image with moving watermarks
Loads quickly on equipment that supports Flash

Display your images with overlaying graphics (watermarks), using random characters or text like name, phone number or website address.


Take a screen print of these images and they are distorted by the moveable text, helping to limit image theft. I have used this technique for a photographer that wanted to give “proof” copies of photos, and a church site for members.

I create these type projects using same or different size images, adjust for color, tones, clarity as necessary to give a cohesive presentation.


The sample below has static text while the images rotate smoothly through the slideshow.

This particular client likes the look of an index card.

Add a bit of Flash! Add a bit of Flash!
Have a special project or group of photos you want to put in a slideshow format? Flash is the answer!
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