What Can I Do For You Today...
Spend 20 minutes per week at Investment Tools!
Static Banners and Animated Gif advertisements
Add a Message with Movement! Add a Message with Movement!
Standard or special sizes
Match existing website theme for ad placement on other websites-drive traffic to your site.
Investment Tools knows where your comodities have been!
Many of these animated banner ads were designed to match existing website themes. I can do the same for you!
Movement with few frames
Browsers that do not support flash ads WILL show these ads
Create contrasting or new designs for placement on your own website.
Loads quickly
Sample ad for IT to recommend advertising with them. Sample ad for IT to recommend their sponsors. I converted existing designs.  This Flash ad was provided to me.   I created similar Gif ad to replace it. No source file was provided, only the flash piece!

aWebWench has been creating animated website ads for more than 15 years for a variety of clients. I have matched existing website themes and created designs from scratch. Though I can use templates, I usually choose to make my own designs so they are unique and stand out on a page. I can make your website ads too.

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