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Experience! Experience!

From shipping documents, to time cards, I am a wiz with Excel making special documents that solve problems and increase productivity, applying unusual calculations and lookups. Need something special for your office, or need an interactive on-line spreadsheet than let me give you a bid for the project!






I Excel.

My name is Samantha Conway.

Several years ago at work, I was asked for my title by a customer. One of my co-workers piped up that “she’s a Web Wench”, based on the fact that I was the office nerd, maintaining computer systems, building the website, The nickname stuck! Colleagues and friends have been calling me “a Web Wench” ever since. (Purple is my favorite color. Can you tell?)


Like many people working on the web, I am not formally trained to do it. Though I have a bachelor's degree and other formal training, it is not in graphic art or IT. If you are seeking a creative person with skills, I may be the right person! I will do my best for you.







I am motivated.
Making greeting cards incorporates all the tools and skills I’ve built up over a lifetime of crafting. Since 2003, I have worked on commission projects both large and small. I do more papercrafting (cards and such) these days. In the past, my animated banner ads were used by a variety of companies for advertised sales and general advertising. I have created complete websites (non-template) and many elements for other webmasters. Have even taken projects fixing what someone else broke. I am no longer working with full websites.
I am creative
I teach computer skills to adults in person and on-line. I have assisted many individuals with understanding basic computer usage and getting comfortable with the things they need to do most often like sending attachments, emailing, taking and uploading photos, keyboard shortcuts, scanning, faxing, MS Office and other programs. Many adults have had limited access to computers and are now faced with technology they just don’t get. Teaching adults takes patience and I have it!
I teach.

I have been tutoring, mentoring and coaching others to create the sites of their dreams through support on some very popular forums and through emails. My popular tutorial site was built to support the posts and emails, offering free support to webmasters world-wide using many different software programs. The site demonstrated samples and techniques and giving step by instructions so others can learn to implement themselves.







I coach.
ROKU, FIRESTICK, PC, PHONE, TABLET Handmade Cards & Notary Services
“I really enjoy helping other people reach their goals and hope I can help you too!”

Notary Public for the State of Florida.


I Notarize.

I respect your privacy. I do not share your information with anyone and use it only to assist YOU. I do not share any of your contact information you may provide (name, address, phone, email, etc) with any person or business. I do not take or copy any of your data while working on your equipment. I do not backup or edit your data. I take notes and provide them to you. I will offer to take screenshots of non-personal notes but not passwords or other sensitive information..