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Website Design Elements
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I can create your banners and other advertising ads to blend with existing or new themes. See an ad that caught your eye on anther site and want one similar?  Give aWebWench a try! 


How about adding some movement to your site? Or some interactive content?  a Web Wench makes design elements like banners, Flash, Animated Gif, collage backgrounds, photo galleries, iframes, graphic image maps (with rollover hot spots) and even interactive Excel files for websites that can be used by people without Excel!


Located in Ocala, Florida, aWebWench has provided a variety of website design elements to webmasters for years to clients around the globe: USA (nationwide), Canada, England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and more.


Have aWebWench build your site. aWebWench has produced several complete websites and assisted on many others.  Small to medium businesses, church, home owner association, personal and club websites and ecommerce too. I have experience with all of them. 

    My latest site to go online:   European-style silver bead bracelets specializing in collegiate beads


What does your site need?

Complete websites are often incomplete.  Sometimes webmasters need that special “something” to finish the page or present information.  I make those special things!
IFRAMES! Cut a window in your web page. So many uses!
FLASH SLIDESHOW! Show off a project, protect your photos with overlays, for business or personal.
Convert FLASH to GIF! I can take your flash ad and convert it to gif so iPhone and iPad users can see them!
IMAGE MAPS with ROLLOVERS! Graphic hotspots. Perfect for defining sales territories, housing areas, buildings, and so many other types
IMAGE LINKS! Graphic images to use for linking/buttons.
BACKGROUNDS and HEADERS! Graphic images often layered
On your own site. Or place graphics on  other sites to attract customers to your site!
Just like my dragonfly below, I go out of the box!
Web Design: Ads, Graphics, iframes, more!