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Adult Technology Tutoring Handmade Cards & Notary Services
Mobile Notary Public Services for Ocala, Belleview, Villages

Having been a mobile Notary Public for Florida in Orlando, Florida for several years, I am based in two places and can provide Mobile Notary Public Services in more places.

I hope you spend a few minutes looking over the site. See if there is something I can do for you today.

Ever wish you had a person to help you with your computer? Let me be the one.
NOTARY Need a Notary?   Can’t get to the Notary? Let me come to you. Serving Ocala, Belleview, The Villages, Marion County, Lake County as seen in MOBILE NOTARY PUBLIC I come to YOU
Adults often need to learn a bit more or use new technology. The kids have special tutors that train for testing. Adults need a different kind of tutoring, usually to meet specific goals or build computer skills. For years I have provided computer support to business professionals, home makers, retired folks in-person and online through remote software. It’s FUN to help people with their computers, cameras, scanners, dvd and other equipment! For several years, I have been a General Motors trained and certified Technology Expert, working for two local dealerships. If you buy a car from them, you get vehicle training FREE from me.

Let me help you connect to your NETFLIX, PRIME, HULU, and MORE using your television’s built-in connections (SMART functions) or external device like Firestick or Roku.