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Many people have asked for program recommendations. Some of the software that I currently recommend is shown on this page. This page will always be a work in progress so it may not contain the software I would mention to meet your specific needs. These recommendations are based on my opinion based on: usability, features, functions, compatibility, user skills. Some are paid programs, others are freeCost is considered but is not the main factor in my overall recommendation but would be given more weight if a client has expressed certain budgets. Some manufactures run “discounts/specials/sales” and others do not. In most cases, I have personally used or continue to use these software. 
aWebWench Recommends...
Adult Computer Tutor and Design In-Home or On the Web, help with your computer Mobile Notary Services Web Design: Ads, Graphics, iframes, more! Graphic design, Photo work and Excel My Favorites How to contact me!
Xara3d Maker
These titles are versions that have the best feature groups. For details click the program icon >>
Photo & Graphic Designer
Make 3d headings, extrusions
Animated GIF, FLASH
Illustrate/draw graphics
Photo tools - basic
Photo tools - advanced HD, Panorama Studio
HTML page generation and WEB tools
Draw web buttons, templates
Basic Panorama Photo
Live Copies
Web Premium (WDP)
Designer Pro X9 (XDP X9)
PDF, Multi-core, ALL TOOLS (limited 3d),
Great CSB replacement
FastStone Capture.  Take a screen print of what you see on your computer screen. Vista and Win 7 come with a basic SNIP tool for screen capture. But it is not tied to the PRINTSCREEN button the keyboard. Instead, I use this tiny PORTABLE scrolling screen capture utility that does so many things well, replacing several other little programs I used to use.  The scrolling feature captures web pages that are just too long for Snip tool. Write on the screen print, change the edge or highlight something. Ruler, Color Picker, Image Editor, Screen Magnifier and Screen Recorder (Makes MOVIES!). Put this on a USB stick, plug it into any computer you use without installing. Take your favorite tool with you. Free trial, and if you like it and pay for it, says you get all updates free forever.
FastStone Image Capture Create a PDF document
Print your files to PDF format with this free software.  Simple, easy.  Install, shows up as printer. Another free utility for everyone.  2nd choice compared with Nitro.
ONLINE MEETING SOFTWARE - Share your computer screen, both FREE.        TEAMVIEWER                             MIKOGO                     
BACKUP - Protect your data.       SyncBack Backup Software          
Photo tools - Magic Erase, PS plugins
Best CSB & photo app replacement
Make it. Mark it. Sign it. Share it. Do everything you expect with a PDF reader, and then some.  Create PDF files from any source easily. Sign them securely. Then collaborate with anyone, anywhere.   I prefer FREE Nitro Reader to Acrobat Reader.
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