What Can I Do For You Today...
Flash advertisements
Standard or special sizes
Browsers that do not support FLASH will not show these ads (example: iPhone & iTouch’s Safari)
Smooth movement
Match existing website theme for ad placement on other websites. Drive traffic to your site.
Loads quickly
Create contrasting or new designs for placement on your own website.

Two samples on this page were made to compliment/match the SilverStandard.com website in 2007. The ad on the right used some of the same language from the site, and cropped header images.


The sample flash ad below was made to exactly match the flash header on the site. Though I had no original artwork, flash or image files to work with, I recreated the look and feel of the flash header in this advertisement for an external site. Visitors were able to immediately identify the ad with the site.

The animated gif version of the ad is just too heavy slowing down the loading of the web page! In this case the flash file is smaller and lighter, the better choice.

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